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                      Smoking Fetish Online

Ready to watch Sexy Girls smoking on live cam? Then click the live rooms below and watch how our females tease while they smoke cigarretes  and cigars as they blow that thicksmoke towards you. They dangle that ciggy off their lips and  continue to tease you in their live webcam show. Just click below and watch as these hot ladies blow thick smoke , smoke rings, french inhales,long inhales and more.

So what type of smoking fetishist are you then? Do you just like the idea of watching a sexy women smoking in a sexy outfit teasing you wearing glossy lipstick dangling her  high heel shoes talkign dirty to you as she slowly takes ong slow inhales. Or are you e a smoking fetish slave? Are you here to be her human ashtray and open your mouth wide to take and inhale her smoke and ash? What type of slave are you then? Be sure to let the Mistress or the sexy cam girl know . You can also request what she smokes
Or how about watch her smoke as she dangles her sexy foot infront of you in a foot fetish domination show 

            Do The Girls Enjoy Smoking Fetish Shows?

Yes they do, infact they love smoking on cam, especially when they know the person watching them has a huge smoking fetish. They enjoy lighting up knowing even the noise of the lighter gets you going, to lighting that ciggie or cigar to taking that first drag,leaning forward looming directly at the webcam as she slowly puts that ciggie to her mouth and takes another big long drag then blowing the smokie directly at you.. They really do enjoy smoking and if you smoke then be sure to have a smoke with her. 

View the smoking cams for fetish play at houseofnaked 

We find most smoking fetishists are non smokers and that they just enjoy watching sexy ladies smoking in public or in private.

You can also check out all of our other fetishes as we have pages on this site for many different types of fetishes you can check  our foot fetish page  or back to the home page at - live fetish

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